Customizing the Confirmation Email

This feature requires PRO

How to edit the Confirmation Email

  1. Click "Options" beside the event you would like to edit the confirmation email for
  2. Select "Change Event"2021-03-24_13-13-46.png
  3. Click "Edit" in the Confirmation Email box 2021-03-24_13-16-45.png
  4. Change the Confirmation Email Content as Desired. The content you provide will adjust the message that appears at the top of the confirmation email. The remainder of the confirmation email (showing what event was registered for and the signature line) cannot be modified.


  5. Click "Done"
  6. Select "Update" to finalize changes 



Looking to use a previous event's confirmation email?

Instead of creating a new event, we recommend copying the previous event so it will retain it's settings, making it easy to carry over your confirmation email content.

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